Community Involvement
We strongly believe that part of our mission is to be an
asset to our community.  And we therefore strive to improve
the lives of those around us - both dogs & people.
Because of our commitment to improving the lives of dogs,
we are strong supporters of the mission of helping dogs in
need. We host fund raisers throughout the year for the
Guadalupe County Humane Society (GCHS), the Paws in
Prison program, and the Animal Rescue Foundation
ARF-Texas).  We also donate our time and effort to these
worthy causes, as well as to
Seguin Animal Services.
If you would like more information about how to assist local
homeless animals, or how to find the best rescue pet for
your home, please call or stop by our shop!

2015 -  Coco
Awesome Events
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2014 - Beau Jangles
2013 - Braille
2012 - Bo Diddy
2011 - Ipha
2010 - Eli
2009 - Prince William
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Making Seguin and Guadalupe County better
one dog at a time.
Dog Ambassador Candidates (2010)
Juan Seguin
Bird Dog & Green Go
Holiday Fundraiser Tree
Holiday Toy Drive
With the generous support of so many people, we have raised over
$70,000 for local animal charities since 2009.
Fund Raising Events
Bag Refund Donations What can you get for a nickel in today's world? Any time that
you make a purchase in our shop and don't take a plastic bag, we will donate 5 cents to
your choice of one of our charities. This simple act has raised hundreds of dollars for local
charities since 2009..

Annual Paws in Prison Art Fund Raiser (spring) Held in June, our art event
invites you to enter ANY thing that combines 'Art' and 'Dog'.   We've had art featuring dogs,
art by dogs, and art made with dog hair!  Prizes are awarded in several categories.  The art
pieces are then auctioned (with the artist's approval).   We also have a great silent auction
at this event. All proceeds benefit Friends of PIP.

Annual Dog Ambassador of Seguin Election (summer) benefits Guadalupe
County  Humane Society.  During this event, local dogs and their people campaign to win
the honor of representing Seguin dogs.  The candidates solicit 'votes' (donations to
GCHS).  One dollar equals one vote - it is politics at its most honest!  The candidate who
raises the most donations is named Seguin's Dog Ambassador for that year.

The Furball (fall) this annual extravaganza is organized by ARF-Texas.  We are very
proud to be a sponsor of this amazing gala.  Held in various locations around town, the
Furball is a Seguin Tradition and is not to be missed.  All Funds benefit the causes served
by: ARF-Texas, Barky Park and the Friends of Paws in Prison.

Paws in Prison Holiday Tree (winter) Held in December, you can donate to the
Friends of Paws In Prison and personalize an ornament to decorate our holiday tree!  All
proceeds benefit the dogs of Paws in Prison.
Time - Skills - Expertise
Paws in Prison
Joy &  Hepzibah donate their
time and skills at the Lockhart
facility working directly with the
dogs and inmates.

Friends of Paws in
Prison Board Member.

Guadalupe County
Humane Society (GCHS)
Thunderpaws offers free and
reduced-cost services to the
dogs residing at GCHS.

City of Seguin Animal
Services (SAS) Free and
reduced-cost services are
also offered to the dogs
residing at SAS.

Animal Rescue
Foundation (ARF-Texas)
Offering reduced-cost
services to dogs ARF's
rescue program

Barky Park
A place to play with your dog.

Other Organizations:  
We are proud to be a member
of the
Seguin Downtown
Business Alliance

Hepzibah is currently on the
City of
Seguin's Main Street
Program Advisory Board

Thunderpaws is a member of
Seguin Area Chamber of

We offer special
discounts on services
to newly adopted dogs from
Paws in Prison, GCHS,  and
SAS, as well as other rescue
The Ambassadors