Thunderpaws Canine Solutions™ offers group and private instruction covering
a full range of needs.  All lessons are taught with gentle methods and positive
reinforcement to improve the relationship you have with your dog.  

Hepzibah coaches you to teach your dog.  This emphasizes both fun and results.  
Dogs of every age and skill level are welcome.  Private courses are customized to
meet your needs.  Whether your dog is starting from ‘scratch’ or is well-trained & just
in need of a ‘tune-up’, Thunderpaws Canine Solutions™ is the answer!
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Services Offered
A sample of available services:

 Puppy Socialization

 Potty Training

 Crate Training

 Loose Leash Walking

 Basic Household Manners & Obedience

 Advanced Obedience

 Clicker Training


 AKC Canine Good Citizen Preparation & Testing

 Therapy Dog Training

 Tools to appropriately channel your dog's energy

 Elimination of common problem behaviors, such as barking, jumping on
people, and other nuisance behaviors.

 First Aid Instruction

 Be a Tree Presenter - teach children to be safe around dogs
Training Manager - Hepzibah Hoffman-Rogers
CPDT-KA, Professionally Trained Pet Trainer, Professional Member APDT, Former
Pet Partner Team Member, Member Friends of Paws in Prison, AKC CGC Evaluator

All Training conforms to the professional standards & ethics of:
  •  The Association of Pet Dog Trainers
  •  the National Association of Dog Obedience Instructors, inc  
  •  Pet Partners (formerly the Delta Society)
Training has many benefits:
 Training your dog assures you of having a dog that you can be proud of &
that you can enjoy in a variety of situations.

 Training strengthens the bond between you and helps you to  have a
stronger relationship.

 Training your dog is one of the best ways to ensure your dog’s health & long
life – most dogs who end up in American shelters each year are surrendered
by their owners for problems that could have been prevented or eliminated
through training.

 Training can serve to give your dog a 'job'.  By doing so, your dog's energy is
channeled into areas that you choose.  This can help to prevent many
destructive and nuisance behaviors, such as digging, barking, inappropriate
chewing, etc.

 Good socialization means you can have a dog who can behave well in
practically any situation!

 Training is FUN!
Thunderpaws Canine Solutions™  is a registered trademark.
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Thunderpaws Canine Solutions, LLC
A trained dog is a happy dog,
and is part of a harmonious home.